Loave​​​s & Fishers Culinary Camp    

Serving Disadvantaged Young Adults​
  1. Hands on training
    Hands on training
    Certified chef instructors
  2. Community is key
    Community is key
    It's people helping other people to thrive
  3. Artisan bread baking
    Artisan bread baking
    Multiplying loaves...
  4. Stewardship and sustainability
    Stewardship and sustainability
    Teaching the value of place and provision
  5. Connection
    Christian mentoring...making fishers of men.
  6. Hand-on training
    Hand-on training
    Our participants gain valuable skills by doing it themselves
  7. French patisserie
    French patisserie
    From crossiants to brioche, it's all hand-crafted here!
  8. You're hired
    You're hired
    Financial independence...filling their baskets so they never go hungry again
  9. Recreation
    Kayaking, beaches, hiking and biking in rural Maine
  10. Time & Space
    Time & Space
    To grow, heal, renew and restore
  11. A new journey
    A new journey
    Exploring the creative and artistic passions within
  12. A special place
    A special place
    Where you can be you!